Episode 23 – The Great Northern War and the colonies

Christian V codifies Danish Law in the late 1600s, and his successor joins forces with Russia and Poland to break the Swedish Empire – and we visit the colonies!



Episode 22 – Absolutism

Denmark transitions to absolute monarchy under interesting circumstances and then tries to win back land from Sweden.

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Perfect illustration of Frederick III as an absolute monarch.

Episode 19 – Christian IV Part 1

We look at the first half of the reign of one of the most famous of the Danish monarchs.

Episode 16 – Rex Tyrannus

We reach the transitory period between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. King Hans fights pole-vaulting German peasants and his son, Christian II, becomes known as “Tyrant Christian”.


Episode 15 – Chaos in the Union

The Kalmar Union shatters and reunites several times and a new dynasty gains control of Denmark!

Episode 14 – Eric of Pomerania

The last Eric to rule Denmark feuds with Holstein and the Hanseatic League.

Episode 13 – Almighty Lady and Mistress

We say goodbye to Valdemar Atterdag and see control of Denmark pass to his daughter Margaret.

Episode 9 – Valdemar the Victorious

We look at the 39-year reign of Valdemar II ‘The Victorious’!

Check out the link below to listen to the Girls’ Choir of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation sing in 2016!


1st song: Vær Velkommen (“Be Welcome” – hymn dedicated to New Year’s Eve)

2nd song: Kong Christian stod ved Højen Mast (“King Christian stood by the lofty mast” – anthem of the Royal Family)

3rd song: Der er et yndigt land (“There is a Lovely Country” – national anthem of Denmark)

Dannebrogs himmelfald.png
The Dannebrog falling from heaven at the Battle of Tallin, 1219 (painting by Christian August Lorentzen)

Episode 7 – Sweyn Estridson and his sons

We follow Sweyn Estridson, his sons and the kings who reigned through the decades of civil war which followed.

Sweyn Estridson, King of Denmark 1047-1074/76